Nature's Pharmaceuticals is proud to offer Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil (OmegaRx Capsules and Liquid) and other quality products from Zone Labs, Inc. (formally Sears Labs, Inc) from Dr. Barry Sears.

These are the same products that Dr. Sears discusses in his recent book, "The OmegaRx Zone".

OmegaRx Capsules - 120 count bottle

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It all starts here.

OmegaRx is Zone Labs best selling omega-3 EPA / DHA concentrate. This is the perfect supplement for general health and wellness and is the most critical element of Zone Living next to a healthy diet. Since the body cannot efficiently produce EPA or DHA, these long-chain omega-3 fatty acids must be consumed. Unfortunately, the amount of fish you would need to eat in order to supply your body with adequate amounts of EPA and DHA would also expose you to unhealthy levels of known carcinogens or neurotoxins, like PCBs, dioxins, and mercury. Likewise, these same toxins can be found in many fish oil capsules sold in health-food stores, retail drugstores, and supermarkets. Manufacturing refined EPA/DHA concentrates ( such as OmegaRx) is a formidable task. OmegaRx is the premier EPA/DHA concentrate that has been constantly tested to have the lowest levels of contaminants with the highest levels of EPA and DHA available without a prescription. Just as important, OmegaRx contains patented natural agents from sesame concentrates that help inhibit the production of arachadonic acid (AA) as well as adding anti-oxidant capacity to protect the EPA and DHA from oxidation.
Whey Basics - 432 GM

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WheyBasics provides 21 grams of highly purified, undenatured whey protein per serving in a great-tasting, naturally flavored formula. Whey protein naturally contains high levels of l-glutamine and branched chain amino acids, as well as immunogloblins and lactoferrin to support nutritional health and immune system function.